Planet Poland
Simone De Iacobis, Małgorzata Kuciewicz, Pianeta Polonia. Planet Poland [in:] L’architettura in Polonia dopo il 2010, l’industria delle costruzioni 2015, no. 442. Issue curated by Giampiero Sanguini and Pierluigi Barile

…Of course establishing a timeframe and call it “transitional period” forces processes into boundaries witch they do not actually belong to. It helps though to fix moments in time and reflect upon what just passes. Our personal moment in time happened when we met Ole Bouman while he was visiting Warsaw last autumn; sitting in front of cappuccino he asked us: “Are you on the pessimism of the mind or in the optimism of the will?” This brilliant quote from Gramsci triggered a vortex of thoughts, a self criticism epiphany. We are definitely in the “pessimism of the mind but also in the optimism of the will”.