Beauty & Pragmatism | Pragmatism & Beauty exhibition of Polish design at the XXI International Exhibition of the Triennale di Milano, 21st Century. Design After Design, 2 April–12 September 2016, Milano

Curator: Magdalena Kochanowska
Exhibition design: CENTRALA
Visual identity: Kuba Jezierski

Spatial Relief by CENTRALA references the exhibition grammar pioneered by Oskar Hansen, Erberto Carboni and Wojciech Zamecznik, all of whom produced experimental exhibition projects in Milan in the mid 20th century. We relied on the role of the background of juxtaposition and of movement and choreography as they showcase the displayed objects on a framework structure forming a loop. Such a composition makes it possible to experience the show from two opposite perspectives via pragmatism and beauty, allowing for
dual consideration for each object. The three-dimensional background delineates an “active-passive floor”- framing the space, it underscores the virtues of each object and affords an individual assessment through close up examination. When we take a step back and view the objects from afar, they work as a coherent profile, or a kind of spatial treatise on the subject of Polish design.

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