a series of architectural concepts attempting to induce the overview effect

atmospheric phenomena/lunation/interstellar water/meteorological optics/humidum
May 2023–ongoing

Graphics: Zofka Kofta
edition numbered RS 120

print: paperiso.com

mock-ups of armillary spheres: onimo.pl

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The fact that our planet is surrounded by a thin layer of air allows us to witness atmospheric phenomena and meteorological optics.

Centrala’s celestial architecture focuses on the connection between our living planet and the wonders of the celestial elements.

The Earth’s Shadow Pavilion is a space for contemplating the fleeting moment when the rotation of our planet is visible.

Coming up next: Moonscape – a crater hidden by a Silver Garden (lunation).

To bring the celestial scale into the architectural imagination, we also designed a series of armillary spheres visualising water in our Local Universe. It serves as an illustration of the stories we lead during our walks through the microclimates.

We used them for the first time during the microclimatic walk we conducted on May 6th, 2023 as part of the Postartistic Assembly at the 14th Gwangju Biennale. More informations