“ZOEpolis-water” interspecies initiative 2022-2023.

Curators: Agata Szydłowska, Małgorzata Gurowska,

1st plein-air workshop: 07-11.09.2022, ART LAB Wyspa / Fundacja Wyspa Progress Foundation

the project is part of “productive decay” series

Compositions: Julia Olenkiewicz

Utagawa Toyokuni I, Picking Clams ca. 1791 [part]

In the intertidal zone between the Baltic Sea and the Vistula River on the Sobieszewska Island there is a fantastic ‘Kidzina’ (wash margin).

Phot. Julia Olenkiewicz

We are fascinated by the possibilities of creating multi-species architecture from these marine treasures.

Kidzina is under legal protection as a natural habitat, but is often treated as waste and disposed of. The beach that is the subject of our project is unique, the currents hardly bring human waste but still provide amber. The proximity to the estuary means that this perishable habitat is made up of components from the freshwater and saltwater worlds.

Kidzina is a word in the Kashubian language.

Wisłoujście – Weichselmünde map, 1927 [part]