6th International Design Festival in Łódź, 18-28 October 2012

exhibition design: CENTRALA and Krzysztof Syruć in cooperation with Kasia Kuźmińska, Jelena Markovic, Davide Gravino, Piotr Zbierajewski, Agnieszka Pudłowska

The Łódź Design Festival, organized since 2007, is one of the most important design events in Poland. Invited to design the main spatial arrangement for its 6th edition, CENTRALA decided to introduce color, energy and an element of surprise to the interiors of the former weaving and spinning mill of the Naum Eitingon & Co. Textile Factory, where the festival was located.

A multi-color mesh structure was interlaced through all stories of the building. Polychromatic surfaces and wisps of taut tape were spread out through the industrial space with its characteristic glass elevations and a pattern of reinforced concrete pillars. The tape allowed to outline particular zones, emphasize important points and guide visitors through the building, keeping the aesthetic qualities of the space. The capillary boards helped interweaving furniture, displays and vertical partitions into the structure. Delicate lines linked exhibitions presented in every nook and cranny of the building.

CENTRALA’s intention was to evoke associations with the contemporary art of urban knitting, folk festivals, andfirst and foremostwith the history of textile industry in Łódź and the exhibition venue.